Don’t be fooled by Google Translate! A fluent translation can only be produced by a creative human brain!
But that doesn’t mean we shouldn't make good use of modern software.  To ensure consistent use of terminology in any subsequent projects, company-specific terminology is logged and managed in SDL Trados software designed for this purpose. This approach ensures consistently high quality.

If you wish, Apostille Vertalingen can provide you with a proposed translation of part of a text. You can then give us feedback on the translation. Once the definitive version has been approved, any changes will be implemented in our terminology software. This ensures that subsequent translations are of excellent quality, with your preferred terminology being used from the start. The fact that the software displays repeated fragments of text is an added advantage in that you don’t have to pay twice. In other words, besides the benefits in terms of content, you also gain financially.

Quality assurance always requires a series of checks. This is especially true when it comes to ensuring the quality of a translation. So translation, proofreading, possible feedback, correction and checking always form part of the translation process.

However, the most essential factor is selecting the right translator to work on your text!

Rule 1: The translator must translate into their native language.

Rule 2: The translator must have sufficient experience in the subject. Only a specialist with sufficient knowledge can produce an excellent text.

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