Apostille Vertalingen can provide translations in all languages and all subjects. Our translators cover every language combination and all have their own area of expertise within a particular field. It is this level of specialisation that makes all the difference. We know our translators and their capabilities. Which Spanish translator specialises in medicine package leaflets, which English translator often translates annual reports, which French translator loves translating software and IT texts, which Portuguese translator has extensive experience of translating building specifications, and so on…. We have been working with many of our translators for years and are very happy with the quality of their work. Apostille Vertalingen has specialists in all disciplines and several translators for most language combinations. So capacity is never a problem. We can ‘scale up’ as required.

Our services include proofreading of existing texts, copywriting and editing.  And of course it goes without saying that we are familiar with all word processing programs and the many different DTP programs.

We can also provide certified translations, in which case the legal validity of the translation of an official document is guaranteed with the document being stamped and signed by a certified translator. A certified translation can also be legalised with a court seal (‘apostille’) if required.

Apostille Vertalingen and its translators also undertake to maintain complete confidentiality and ensure that the content of your document(s) is not disclosed to third parties either during or following the completion of your project. 

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